चित्रपतंग समूह संचालित

चित्रपतंग शैक्षणिक कला संस्था

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(Keep yourself happy)

Chitrapatang samuh

Chitrapatang samuh is an independent , professionally managed philanthropic organization, established in Mumbai ( Maharashtra-IND ) in 2012.

chitrapatang enriches the practice, knowledge of, widens public access to, & strengthens capacity & infrastructure in the art in Maharashtra, by supporting innovative projects, commissioning research & creating public platform.

चित्रपतंग शैक्षणिक कला संस्था

Projects implemented / conceived by chitrapatang s.k.s

Title of the project Project start date Impact ( No.of students) Funding
Kalajatra (Art fair) June 2013-17 8000 CSKS
Chitrawachan ( exhi’) July 2017 17260 A&A BOOK TRUST + CSKS
Kalawrutt ( Newspaper ) Sept 2016 4500 C PUB + CSKS
Education for creativity June 2018 400 CSKS
Kalajatra June 2018-19 2000 CSKS
Art on wheels (in process) April 2019-20 6000 CSKS + SSS

About Us

According to the educational policy of Maharashtra Government, new art teachers are not appointed in aided, Z.P. (primary) schools (1st to 7th Std), from the city or in rural areas. As a result, these students are kept away from the world of art during the transformative years.

They never learn fundaments art. subjects like lines, colors, textures, claywork, photography, paper crafting and traditional handicrafts. Then how will they ever
experience the various forms of traditional & modern Indian and international art?






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Completed Projects

Our Contacts

Chitrapatang Shaikshanik Kala Sanstha
चित्रपतंग शैक्षणिक कला संस्था
(chitrapatang educational art organization)

REG. No. of Trust:
Maharashtra – Mumbai 2690 / 2012 G.B.B.S.D

C.S.K.S,104 Surmesh chs, Sector 2,
Charkop, Kandivali (W), Mumbai – 400067,
The Union of India Maharashtra State.